Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its been a while since I've given an update as to how the building repairs are progressing...The structural improvements have been completed--including the rebuilding of the north wall, the installation of blocking in the walls and floors, and the installation of strapping and hold downs in various locations. Much of the electrical wiring work has been completed. The main task at hand is the roof replacement. This is a very difficult job, both because of the height and angle of the roof, and because of the improvements that need to be made. But the one side of the sanctuary roof replacement is nearly complete, and work on the other side will start soon.

The sheet rock work inside will likely start next week and then all of the other inside finish work will happen right after that. We are eagerly anticipating the day when it is all finished. Meeting in the play room has been fine, and we are thankful that God provided a location in our big building for us to meet. But I'm starting to feel like the astronauts on the Apollos 13 must have felt--its time to move our of the landing vehicle and back into the main vessel.

Otherwise things are going well. We are working on preparations for the LCBC 50th Anniversary Celebration. It is planned for Nov. 2nd. Pray with us that the building repairs will be done in time for that to happen. The on-site supervisor assured me, just today, that we are going to make it. But I think it would still be a good idea to pray towards that end--having done some construction I know that it always costs more and takes longer than you think.

Pastor Jerry

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