Sunday, March 22, 2009


"’Sit thou on My right hand’: let the word enter and master all our heart and life. I have said that it occurs five times in the Epistle (in the book of Hebrews). Compare these passages, and the others having reference to Christ’s place in heaven, and observe how the great truth we are to learn is this: the knowledge of Jesus as having entered heaven for us, and taken us in union with Himself into a heavenly life, is what will deliver the Christian from all that is low and feeble, and lift him to a life of joy and strength. To gaze upon the heavenly Christ in the Father’s presence, to whom all things are subject, will transform us into heavenly Christians, dwelling all the day in God’s presence, and overcoming every enemy. Yes, my Redeemer, seated at God’s right hand--if I only know Him aright and trust Him as able to save completely--He will make me more than conqueror.

If we would obtain this blessed knowledge of our Lord, and the blessed life in the experience of His power, Scripture has a prayer for us (Ephesians 1:17-22), that we will do well to pray often...Let us pray for this spirit of divine illumination; let us study and adore the strength of God’s might that lifted Him to the throne; and let us believe joyfully, that that power works in us every day to lift us up and enable us to live as those who are set with Him in the heavenlies. And let us sing without ceasing: Praised be God for such a Savior!

Pastor Jerry

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