Saturday, November 28, 2009


Months ago the church received a letter from a man in prison. We had no idea who the fellow was, or anything about him, but that he was looking for help and direction. He had dug our address out of the yellow pages. I passed the letter on to one of our deacons and asked if he might be willing to write back to the fellow. Since that time he has been faithfully corresponding with the inmate, offering friendship and Biblical counsel. On one occasion he and I visited the fellow at the prison camp where he was then staying. There have been some challenges along the way. But our deacon has been much used by God in encouraging this man in his relationship with the Lord Jesus. I have read all of the letters and I myself have been blessed to see his growth in Christ. It was the inmate's birthday on November 25th. I was touched by what he wrote, and it should be an encouragement to us all, in how we can be used by God to encourage and disciple others in Christ. This is what he said at the close of his letter...

"I'll be 48 tomorrow and I want you (all) to know how much it means to me knowing that besides God...there are others who care about that date in history too. Maybe that's why the Bible and the yellow pages are so often found in such close proximity."

Praise the Lord!

Pastor Jerry

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