Friday, February 12, 2010


Mark 4:26-27, "And He was saying, "The Kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil; and goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts and grows--how, he himself does not know."

God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform and this is especially true when it comes to the salvation of sinners. Apart from our efforts, and sometimes in spite of them, He works in the hearts of men to draw sinners to Himself.

My nephew Gabe died suddenly and tragically last December when he was struck by a car while crossing the highway. It was no secret that Gabe had led a troubled life. Drugs and alcohol had taken a toll on him. I was saddened by his death and saddened more by lack of any evidence that he had ever placed his trust in Jesus. The funeral was to happen last December, but my sister was ill at the time, so it was postponed until January. God had His own reasons for delaying the funeral service. The week before the funeral I received a call from my sister. She excitedly shared how she had found Gabe’s New Testament. It was an old Gideon’s New Testament that had been passed on to Gabe from the mother of his friend. He had read it back in 2008 and had indicated on the decision page that he had trusted in Christ for salvation. When it came time then for his funeral I was able to share the gospel message in the context of Gabe’s own affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. A mother of a friend passed that New Testament on to Gabe. The seed was sown. "She went to bed at night" not knowing how "God who causes the growth" might use His Word. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

Vance is the "big-hearted" grandfather of one of the members of our church. He has had more than his share of trials in this past year--with the suicide of one of his grandsons and his own serious health problems. Vance’s grandson, Jason, has prayed for Vance for some time. In recent months, as Vance was diagnosed to have terminal cancer, the prayer efforts escalated. Some weeks ago Jason and I went to visit Vance to talk to him about his need to trust in Jesus for salvation. Vance is a humble guy and when the gospel message fell upon the soil of his Spirit-prepared heart, he responded by placing his faith in Christ. Yesterday I had the privilege of baptizing Vance (by sprinkling). That is something that he earnestly wanted to do. He is now on oxygen. His health is rapidly declining. But how precious is it that God has seen fit to save Vance from his sins and to grant to his family--and to us--that assurance as to Vance’s eternal destiny. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

God grants to us the privilege of sharing the gospel message with others--that is something we are do with boldness and clarity. But the matter of salvation is a mysterious work of the Holy Spirit of God--He convicts of sin, He draws sinners to Himself, He removes the blindness to the gospel message, He grants to them saving faith, He causes them to be born again, He causes the growth. He does these things on His own apart from our awareness or assistance. Praise God that He does--it is a work that is far beyond us! God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

Pastor Jerry

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