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Lewis & Clark Bible Church Marks 10th Year in Present Building

LEWIS AND CLARK: "From seed barn to complete church building in 10 years" was reviewed Sunday morning at the Lewis and Clark Bible church. Occasion was the 10th anniversary of church services in the present building. Former members and pastors attended.

Greetings were brought to the group by the Rev. Robert Ray-burn, western district representative for Village Missions. John Petersen, a missionary with Unevangelized Fields Missions, was speaker. The Rev. Harold Maycumber read a history of the church.
A special floral arrangement of gladioli, dahlias and carnations was placed at the stair landing. A large bouquet of bright coral gladioli was placed on the piano and bouquets of yellow gladioli were in front of the pulpit.

A fellowship dinner was served in the afternoon at the Netel grange hail. Arrangements of fall flowers were placed about the rooms and the tables had single dahlias at intervals.

The Rev. Mr. Maycumber was master of ceremonies. The men’s quartette of the church sang "Let the Sunshine In," accompanied by Mrs. Arvo Seppa.

The Rev, Mr. Maycumber read greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bock and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beach, the Rev, and Mrs. Allen Cummings and family, all of Portland; the Rev, and Mrs. Forrest Livingston and family of Gunnison, Colo.; the Rev. and Mrs. Paul Mason of Cochabaoha, Bolivia; Misses Jean Scott and Katherine Broers of Logan; Miss Irma Porter of Paulina, Mr. and Mrs. William Frey and family of Mount Vernon, Wash.; the Rev. Walter Duff, national chairman of Village Missions and a telegram from the Rev, and Mrs. Marlowe Magnus of Duluth, Minn.
The Rev. Albert Crandall, Miss Clara Jean Fox, John Petersen and Robert Bernard brought greetings in person. The Rev. Mr. Rayburn spoke representing Village Missions and Arvo Seppa spoke in behalf of the church members.

Coming from out of town for the occasion were the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Crandall and Colleen of Gresham; Mrs. Troy Tread-well of Springdale, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Elefritz and Marcella of White Salmon, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bernard of Port Ludlow, Wash.; Miss Clara Jean Fox of Selleck, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. John Petersen, Jeff, Leslie and Bruce of Belem, Brazil; and the Rev. Robert Rayburn of Graham, Wash.

Lewis and Clark Bible church is an outgrowth of the Netel Community church which began as a Sunday school February 1, 1948 led by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mason. During the next 10 years pastors were the Rev. Marlowe Magnus, the Rev. Albert Crandall, the Rev. Forrest Livingston and Miss Clara Jean Fox and, for part of one summer, Miss Irma Porter,

The Netel group shared pastors with the Jeffers Gardens Community church until the coming of the Rev. Mr. Livingston in 1955. During his stay it became incorporated as the Netel Community church.

In September, 1958, the Netel church purchased a former seed cleaning plant from Arvo and Hugo Seppa and William Larson Sr. and on October 1, the first service was held, Later that month the church body re-incorporated and changed its name to the "Lewis and Clark Bible church,"

Nothing was done to the building before the first meeting except to sweep it out and put in a few furnishings. Electric heaters were used for the first several weeks until a furnace was installed.
The church has been free from indebtedness for six years. Everything except the building itself and the heating plant has been purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis. Some items have been donated by individuals.

All labor has been donated except the finishing of the ceiling.

The Columbus day storm gave a severe setback to the building program when a third of the roof on one side was blown off but it was covered by insurance and soon repaired.

The Rev. Albert Crandall provided leadership for the new church group in the beginning months. He was assisted by the laymen. Later the Rev. Allen Cummings became a part-time pastor. He was followed by Wil11am Frey who came from Portland each Sunday. In 1963 Village Missions provided the Misses Jean Scott and Katherine Broers for a few months until a pastor was available.

In February, 1964, the Rev. Harold Maycumber, the present pastor, his wife Shirley and children Jill, Bill, Phil and Anne arrived from Kansas City.

There was much activity the past month putting some finishing touches on the building, including a steeple, flag pole and a new front porch. It is planned that a bell will be added soon.

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