Monday, June 2, 2008


Greetings Dear Friends at Lewis & Clark Bible Church

Isn’t this the cutest picture? Our friends from PNG sent this to us this morning. This is the local taxi and the driver is certainly getting his money’s worth. J

The days and weeks continue to fly – so we wanted to bring you up to date on what is going on here. We want to express again our thankfulness for prayer – thank you – it means so much.

Our students have all left, except for Joel & Missy Davis and Mike & Kelly McGregor. The Davis’ have a new baby girl (two little girls now) – they will be leaving us the middle of June. Missy will be having some critical surgery within the next few months before they leave for the Philippines sometime next year. I know they would be grateful for prayer. The McGregor’s will be with us for about six months longer. He will be helping in the helicopter department while one of our other pilots is in Indonesia. The others are in the middle of raising support; Bryan and Mellissa Abbott & son, will be leaving for Indonesia in July, Brian and Bailey & wee daughter will be leaving for the Philippines in August. The others hope to leave for the Philippines next year. Our new group of six families will be arriving in July and August.

Daughter, Sherel, Bryanna and wee Emma will be going to Coos Bay, Oregon for Katey’s (Karen’s oldest daughter) pinning – she graduates as an RN, June 14th; all of us are proud of her – she will continue another 3 semesters to get her B.S. in nursing. (They invited “mother, grandmother and great grandmother” along – she is happy to go J as she will be able to see daughter Karen also J) We leave Tucson, June 10th and return on June 24th. Pray for safety! Monty won’t be able to make this Oregon trip due to engine obligations at NTMA – but you can pray for us as we together make a trip into Colorado and Montana, July 10th to August 6th to visit supporters and family.

Karen and Ben need prayer too for safety in travel. They begin their home assignment, June 5th and will be flying home from Brazil, to home in the States (goodness, where is home?). They will be making the long drive from Miami, to Wisconsin and then on to Coos Bay for Katey’s pinning and for some meetings on the West Coast. Ben & Karen will then head back to Wisconsin to help Kelly get settled in Bible College. Pray for housing in Waukesha, Wisconsin for Ben and Karen; they would like to be near their children, Daniel & Amber, Kristyna (2nd year Bible College) and Kelly,( just beginning B.C.), while on home assignment. When they return to Brazil in 2009, it will be just the two of them. Adjusting to two different countries, culture and language, finding housing, traveling, speaking, changes in family isn’t always easy – these things seem to be the “norm” for missionaries - we speak from experience. Pray for their strength, rest and peace in the Lord. The picture at the right is of Monty, with granddaughters Kristyna and Kelly in 1995.

We love you all dearly – and pray for you. Thanks so much for your vital part in our ministry through your love and prayer here at New Tribes Mission Aviation. Blessings dear Friends.
Monty and Kathleen

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