Friday, January 24, 2014


My friend Bubs texted me yesterday: “You better go fishing. I had a dream last night that the Klatskanine was full of fish.” Not being sure how much stock to put in Bubba’s dream, I replied that I was thinking about it. I haven’t been fishing for a while—the rivers are low due to lack of rain and the steelhead return isn’t very good. Then I got up this morning. Did my devotions. Checked out facebook. On facebook by Uncle Frank had posted another picture of a guy with a fish. He’s been doing that a lot lately. I’m thinking that maybe he needs and wants to go fishing, On the other hand, perhaps it was meant to be an encouragement to me to go. 

While contemplating that, I got a text message from my Uncle Bob: “I oakusaba Katonda mulungi on your behalf.” I’m concerned for my Uncle Bob. He loves his Ugandan friends so much that now he is speaking and praying in Lugandan. I hope that he’s not preaching in Lugandan! At any rate--I asked him for the meaning of the words (cause I only recognized the word “Katonda”) and he said that it meant: “I prayed to the God who is good on your behalf.” But he’s not that good at Lugandan, so I think he might have prayed: “Lord help Jerry to catch a steelhead today.” 

Bolstered with the encouragement of Bubba’s dream, Frank’s pictures, and Bob’s prayer I headed off to go fishing. Got to the river. What a beautiful morning! How pleasant the sound of the water tumbling over the rocks. How beautiful the blue sky set against the trees and the river coursing through the middle of it all! Bubba dreamt that the river was full of fish. Time to check it out. First hole—water’s too low, no fish. Second hole—couple of casts with a spinner—nada. Third hole--what a beautiful fishing hole! My friend, John, turned a fish in this hole last week. Surely I’ll get one here. Nada. Fourth hole. No fish. 

What about Bubba’s dream, Frank’s pictures, and Bob’s prayer (even in a foreign language)? One more hole to try. Bad cast. Should have hit the current. Oh well, I’ll leave it there for a moment to see what happens. Something’s grabbing my bait—looks like it might be trout. No, it’s a steelhead! Set the hook. Fish on. It’s a bright fish. “Don’t lose it,” I said to myself. Banked it. Bonked it. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Bubba, Frank, Bob. I know, it’s just a fish. But I’m thinking there’s more to the story. It was a collaborative effort.   

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