Monday, July 6, 2009


Harriet Pollard is 93 years old today. We were able to visit with her for a few minutes today. Jason Jones had taken some video of some folks from church who expressed their birthday greetings to her. She was delighted to see the videos. We also delivered some birthday cards that had been signed from members of the congregation. Soon after we arrived, her sons stopped by to visit. They've been spending much time with Harriet.

Harriet is a remarkable woman. She lived through the depression and a couple of World Wars. She remembers the great Astoria fire. Before her medical problems prevented her from attending, she faithfully attended LCBC and played the piano for fifty years. She played when her hands were so arthritic that it was difficult to play. But she didn't want to stop playing, she enjoyed it too much.

I remember back to when I first came to the church. There were few folks in attendance. And times had been pretty tough for the church. Harriet herself had seen a lot of Pastors come and go. She told me once that she had had a dream that the church was full of people and they were all smiling. I remember how we used to meet regularly--she was the treasurer--so that we could figure out how we could pay the bills with the limited funds the church had at the time.

She told me once that when she was a little girl she used to laugh to herself at the old women who struggled to make it up the steps to church. But then the same thing happened to her--but she wasn't angry about it, she thought it was funny.

She has suffered through many trials and troubles, having once nearly lost her life to medical problems--but she has never complained. She is a woman of tremendous character. Thank God for Harriet Pollard. We, her friends, have been blessed by her example of faithfulness in service to the Lord. Happy Birthday Harriet!

Pastor Jerry

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