Friday, May 9, 2008


(Some information in this email has beed deleted or modified)


Yesterday was another "Street Kid Day" at the Clinic. Please continue to pray for these children. They are, most of them, still CHILDREN. We are heart broken at the state some of these kids are in. Riddled with TB, Syphilis, (and all manner of other STDs). Thankfully there haven't been many HIV positives so far (but ANY is too much). Some of them are so far gone from sniffing Aibon (a contact cement used for construction work) that they don't realize (or even care) that they are dying. It makes us want to scream to watch these CHILDREN waste away to nothing--without hope, without Christ! Please pray for these kids and for us as we try to help them in some way. Pray also for the National Christians who are working to help their own people. There are two safe houses going up here. The Evil One has been trying to stop them in so many ways. One of the men, recently had to kick out several older girls who had been living with his family because they were teaching the younger girls how to prostitute. Thank you for praying for this huge request.

Dr. KD and family are getting ready to return to the field, probably the beginning of July. They are still waiting for some paperwork to go through. Please pray for the Lord's perfect timing for this and that they will be ready to "jump in" when they get here. We have surely missed them.

On that note, they are going to be bringing some books (home school and medical) for us. They are in California right now. (near Fresno). I, after living in tax-free Oregon for so long, don't want to pay California sales tax on my book orders. If you know of someone who would be driving from Oregon to California, and would be willing to carry these books to them, would you please drop us a line? Thanks so much.

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