Friday, May 9, 2008


I heard the sad news today that Keith Foster had died in a car accident on April 27th, 2008. He was reportedly on his way to sing at a church in Stockton, California. Keith was 59 years of age. Please pray for his wife and their children. Over the last few years he has spoken of other accidents and a series of health problems that had brought him close to heaven. The Lord has now embraced him.

Most people who knew Keith knew him from his years of traveling the country, performing concerts, singing about our glorious Savior. I believe he had a heart for the small churches and considered it a privilege to minister to them. He will be missed, as it should be for those who have been “useful for service”. Pray that God will raise up others to fill the void.

I first heard Keith sing many years ago and know that God used him in my life to take a closer look at the Savior through some of the songs that he sang. The Touch of the Master’s Hand, Via Dolorosa, Watch the Lamb and He’s Alive were my favorites. Several weeks ago he ministered in song at Lewis and Clark Bible Church and we spoke briefly following the service. He knew my favorites included the above and told me that he would try to do one or more of them the next time he came. There will be no next time now, but that is OK. He has now touched the Master’s hand. He has seen the marks from His walk down the Via Dolorosa. He is experiencing the unexplainable joy of watching the Lamb. And he has seen firsthand the great truth and hope of our faith, indeed, He is alive!

Keith Foster fought the good fight and has finished his course. Praise the Lord for his and our hope in Christ!

Greg Engebretson

Follow this link to read more about Keith Foster or to play some of his songs:

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