Friday, May 9, 2008


As chaplain of the Lewis and Clark Fire Department I was called to the scene of the fire yesterday morning. A home, located near Del's OK Tire, was destroyed along with most of its contents. Fortunately everyone was safe, though a dog and a cat were lost. The family was obviously burdened by the loss. A county crisis intervention volunteer, an American Red Cross worker, and myself were there to talk to the family.

American Red Cross provides vouchers to help families in situations like this. But there was an immediate need for clothing for the children. After making a couple of calls, I called Bob and Diane West to see if they could help with the need. Bob has stewardship of the Deacon's Fund, and Bob and Diane have always been ready and willing to help others in need.

While I was talking to Diane on the phone I got a call on call-waiting. The lady who called was thinking about attending our church, for the first time, on Mother's Day. In our conversation she found out about the fire and the need and expressed her desire to knit blankets for the children.

Bob and Diane spent the day yesterday (all day) shopping at thrift stores in Astoria and Warrenton to find 3 or 4 sets of clothes for each of the three children. These included underwear, pajamas, shoes, socks, and a stuffed toy. They got a few things at Fred Meyer's on clearance. When the lady at the checkout counter found out who the clothes were for, she gave Diane an additional savings.

Bob and Diane then took the clothes and some cash to this family. They were delighted to receive the clothes and the cash and expressed interest in attending church this upcoming Sunday. Bob and Diane prayed with them, expressed love and concern for them, and ultimately showed to them the love of Christ. What a tremendous example of what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.

Praise God for servant-minded people like Bob and Diane. How beautiful is the body of Christ!

Pastor Jerry


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for how He works though His people. And thank God for willing servants.
Greg E.

Rehnert Crew said...

Wishing we were there in body but definitely in prayer - and our hearts never left! How beautiful, indeed, is the body of Christ!!!
Rehnert Crew